Four Myths of Home Accessibility

A cupboard with paint brushes for handles

Deborah Pierce writes that any construction project is a daunting endeavour, but illness and injury complicate everything. Ageing can be full of surprises, but asking others what to do can cause confusion when everyone has different advice. Also there are a lot of myths floating around and she addresses these well in the article:

  • Myth 1: Accessible equals institutional
  • Myth 2: Accessibility is expensive
  • Myth 3: Accessibility takes up space
  • Myth 4: Access upgrades detract from re-sale value

The article is by Deborah Pierce on It includes design ideas and includes informative pictures.

Picture shows a paintbrush and a chisel being used as cupboard handles. Good for people needing extra grip, but maybe confusing for someone with dementia – editor.

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