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Every Australian deserves a home which is safe, secure and meets their needs in any life circumstance.


On Friday 30 April 2021, the Building Ministers agreed to mandate the Livable Housing Design Silver Level as a standard for all new housing in the National Construction Code.

The Gold Standard will also be included in the NCC as a ‘technical referral’ meaning states and territories can decide to upgrade to Gold voluntarily.

Whilst there is still work to do to secure a mandatory Gold Standard, this is a big win for people with disability, seniors and indeed all Australians.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked over many many years to secure this critical reform. Millions of Australians will benefit from your hard work.  We particularly thank Building Better Homes for directing this campaign over the last year. 

Please find the Building Ministers Meeting Communique here: https://www.industry.gov.au/news/building-ministers-meeting-communique-april-2021

Australian Network for Universal Housing Design is a proud partner of the
Building Better Homes Campaign

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The Australian Network for Universal Housing Design (ANUHD) is a network of people and organisations who want the LHD Gold Level to be mandated for all housing in the National Construction Code.
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