Closing date 28 February 2018

At the direction of the Building Ministers Forum, the Australian Building Codes Board is assessing the need to regulate for livable (also called accessible, inclusive, and universal) in all new housing construction in the National Construction Code.
This survey will help us identify:
  • the difficulties (if any) in finding livable housing
  • the cost and benefit to Australian Society in providing livable features in all new housing; and
  • the features that should be in a livable standard for all new housing.

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Position Statement

Australian Network for Universal Housing Design (ANUHD) believe that the homes we build for today should be fit for all of tomorrow’s Australians.

The Australian Government has agreed to consider regulation for accessibility in the National Construction Code for all new housing construction.  A Regulatory Impact Assessment will be done in 2018.

ANUHD considers Livable Housing Design Gold Level to be the minimum standard.

Our Position Statement with latest list of supporters is available here.