Proposal for Change to the Australian Building Codes Board to provide access in all new housing

ANUHD submitted a Proposal for Change to the ABCB to provide access in all new housing within the National Construction Code. The proposal aims to solve two problems:

  1. The inability of the housing industry to respond to the National Dialogue agreement in 2010 and the subsequent COAG commitment within the National Disability Strategy; and
  2. Inconsistency across Australia in what is considered to be accessibility in housing.

COAG (Building Minister’s Forum) Communique October 2017

As a direct result of our advocacy, COAG has directed the Australian Building Codes Board to perform a Regulatory Impact Assessment for access in private housing.

Proposal to Standards Australia to review AS4299 to align with the 2010-2020 National Disability Strategy

ANUHD proposed a review of AS4299-1995 Adaptable Housing Standard to align with the 2010-2020 National Disability Strategy.  This was rejected, because of lack of support from the housing industry peak bodies.  Standards Australia are having “round-table”discussions with the housing industry to discuss this proposal.  There have been no outcomes.

Report on the progress of the National Dialogue on Universal Housing Design

In 2010, the National Dialogue for Universal Housing Design (National Dialogue) representing government, housing industry and community sectors identified the need to improve the provision of accessible and well-designed housing with choice for people with disability about where they live. They agreed to the voluntary transformation of housing practices with an aspirational target for all new housing to provide specified minimum access features by 2020.

The housing industry, as a whole, has failed to show signs of voluntary systemic transformation.

A generous estimation is that the current voluntary approach will achieve less than 5% of the National Dialogue’s 2020 target. The full report is here