Activities and Reports


December 2019

ANUHD has made a submission to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

isANUHD submission to the Disability Royal Commission

November 2019

ANUHD has made a submission to the Australian Human Right Commission’s FREE AND EQUAL: an Australian Conversation on Human Rights—Discussion Paper

isANUHD Submission to the AHRC

October 2019

On invitation by the City of Canterbury-Bankstown, ANUHD made a submission to their discussion paper on Livable Housing Options to make new homes easier to use for everybody, everyday, at all stages of life.

is ANUHD submission to the City of Canterbury-Bankstown

September 2019

UNCRPD Committee recommends that Australia mandate an access standard in all new and extensively modified housing.

is UNCRPD Committee Concluding observations on the combined second and third reports of Australia

July 2019

ANUHD requested that that the ABCB make submissions to the Regulatory Impact Assessment publicly available on their website.  This request was granted.

Response from Minister Karen Andrews

February 2019

PWDA, with the Summer  FoundationNational Shelter, and ANUHD have developed a Pre-Budget submission to address the housing crisis for many people with disability.  


November 2018

Responses from State and Territory Ministers on Building Ministers Forum onthe interface between State and Territory planning mechanisms and the National Construction Code.

October 2018

In response to the Accessible Housing Options Paper ANUHD submits to ABCB that Gold Level will be required in NCC.

July 2018

Responses from State and Territory Ministers on Building Ministers Forum on their commitment to the 2020 target and the inaccuracies in the Attorney General’s draft report to the UN.

July 2018

Australian Network for Universal Housing Design contests the findings under Issue 11—Targets for Universal Housing Design in Australia’s Combined Second and Third Periodic Report under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

June 2018

ANUHD Survey report released. From October 2017 to February 2018 ANUHD invited people to share their opinions on how COAG should meet their commitment to the 2020 target.  

Disability Discrimination Commissioner calls for accessible housing for all.

May 2018

BMF is ambivalent about the 2020 target, although they support a RIA process.

October 2017

COAG,through its Building Ministers Forum, directs the Australian Building Codes Board to perform a Regulatory Impact Assessment for access in private housing.   The RIA will examine the silver and gold performance levels. 

June 2017

ANUHD finds that States and Territory Governments have no reliable mechanisms to identify the take-up of universal design in housing in the private sector. 

April 2017

Building Ministers Forum propose to COAG that a national Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) be undertaken as soon as possible to consider applying a minimum accessibility standard for private dwellings in Australia.

February 2017

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs
(Delivery of outcomes under the 2010-2020 National Disability Strategy to build inclusive and accessible communities).

May 2016

Proposal for Change to the Australian Building Codes Board to provide access in all new housing.

 February 2016

Proposal to Standards Australia to review AS4299 to align with the 2010-2020 National Disability Strategy.

January 2015

Report on the progress of the National Dialogue on Universal Housing Design found that the the housing industry had failed to show signs of voluntary  transformation to meet COAG’s 2020 target.

July 2011

COAG supports the National Dialogue’s 2020 target of all new housing providing an agreed level of access in all new housing in the 2010-2020 National Disability Strategy.

July 2010

National Dialogue on Universal Housing Design  agrees to pursue an aspirational target that all new homes will be of an agreed Universal Housing Design standard by 2020. 

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