Universal design in housing for people with disability

ANUHD considers the minimum standard is Livable Housing Design Gold Level as outlined in the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

Contact the project directly to confirm the level of universal design features and accessibility. 

To submit a project to this page, complete the form and send to anuhd@anuhd.org

Integrated SDA housing: Melbourne

Ten apartments have been designed for people with high support needs in a 77 apartment private development. Maximising storage and flexibility, the single or multiple bedroom NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments feature accessible and customisable kitchens and bathrooms, as well as home automation to enable tenants to increase their independence and privacy.

Noel Phillips Summer Housing

Affordable housing: Adelaide

Ten independent and affordable homes designed for people with disability.  Ground level units have been certified LHD Platinum level.  It offers accessibility features such as wider doorways; bathrooms and bedrooms with plenty of turning room; kitchens with well-planned access and more.  Site includes a shared space which can be used by the community.

Trent Lines Access 2 Place
Walter Brooke Walter Brooke Architects

3 bedroom SDA Dwelling: Victoria

This dwelling is an exemplar example of universal design. The house is LHA Platinum and SDA High Physical Support compliant, with an emphasis of an environment that any person or family would proudly call home and enable ageing in place. Clever design features provide flexibility and cost effective adaptation to suit the needs of any occupant.

Justin Nix Equitable Access Solutions

Apartments: Darwin

24 apartments in two blocks of two-storeys of 12 units, including 8 LHD Platinum Level apartments. Venture owns 12 apartments; 4 being SDA Platinum Level.  The developer built and retained another 4 SDA units. All apartments are designed for ease of access with an accessible swimming pool.

David Anthony Zest Projects 
Jillian Cable Venture Housing Company

Apartments: Springfield, Queensland

Deicke Richards was commissioned to design 18 apartments customised to suit people living with disability. The apartments are part of Health City One, a mixed-use development in Springfield’s evolving health and wellness precinct.

Eloise Atkinson Deicke Richards

Community housing units: Sunshine Coast

Four individual suites designed to LHD Platinum level, with shared communal area. The property was
developed by Koho, designer and builder of affordable and accessible housing and managed by North Coast Community Housing.

Adam Bennett-Smith Koho
Fiona McConnell
North Coast Community Housing

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