Universal design in housing for older people

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ANUHD considers the minimum standard is Livable Housing Design Gold Level as outlined in the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

Contact the project directly to confirm the level of universal design features and accessibility. 

Retirement resort: Ballina, NSW

This large resort has included access features in its housing to attract retirement couples making a sea change. The housing is integrated into a broader accessible environment and amenities, including a conference centre.

(to be confirmed) Palm Lake Resort Media & Text

Heritage-listed retirement village: Victoria

The development provides 35 one and two bedroom units. The architecture complements the existing heritage-listed Rushall Park village. The development has been designed for functional comfort and liveability for older people, which follows universal design guide principles. Each unit includes design features such as, large light switches, and user-friendly kitchens and bathrooms.

Joshua Wheeler MGS Architects

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