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In direct response to our advocacy to the Building Ministers Forum, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is undertaking Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of options for potential minimum accessibility standards for housing, to be applied through the NCC. Called the Accessible Housing Project, it includes any housing that has features to enable use by people either with a disability or through their life stages. The RIA will consider the Livable Housing Design Guidelines Silver and Gold level specifications as possible options for a minimum accessibility standard, and additional options identified through consultation.

Response by ANUHD to the ABCB Options paper

is   [DOCX 2123KB] [PDF 1389KB]

“The argument for mandating at the LHDG gold level (Option 3) is compelling. Given the decade of delay, the wide impact that accessibility in housing has on society, and the ageing of Australia, the NCC must go beyond the minimal approach that the housing industry might expect. It must adopt COAG’s commitment to social inclusion and contemporary world-class urban design and architecture and implement Option 3

Other submissions

Summer Foundation

Post Polio Victoria


Dr Penny Galbraith

Municipal Association of Victoria

Shelter NSW

Project timeline


Consultation Outcomes Report (March 2019)

Work begins on Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) 
Definition of accepted evidence 


Conclusion of RIS process

Development of content for NCC 2022 (if directed by Governments)


  Consultation on NCC 2022 public comment draft

Decision on inclusion of accessible housing provisions

ABCB Board determines NCC provisions if Governments decide to proceed


NCC takes effect in all States and Territories on 1 May 2022

is   ABCB Accessible Housing Options Paper

is  ABCB Accessible Housing Options Paper

is ABCB consultation questionnaire


If you have any questions regarding this project,
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A video recording of the consultation is available on the ABCB website.


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