“We believe that the homes we build for today should be fit for all of tomorrow’s Australians.”

ANUHD calls for an access standard in the National Construction Code for all new and extensively modified housing.
This should be supported education and training for the housing industry.
ANUHD considers the minimum standard is
Gold Level as outlined in the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

ANUHD convenors

Margaret Ward, ANUHD Convenor
An image of David Brant, ANUHD Convenor
David Brant, ANUHD Convenor

Dr Margaret Ward PSM

Formerly an architect, public servant and advocate, Margaret Ward has spent much of her career working towards the adoption of housing design which includes everyone regardless of age and ability.

Phone +61 409 898 498
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David Brant

Originally a high school teacher, David Brant now contributes to a wide range of community organisations. He has supported ANUHD since he established the Victorian Universal Housing Alliance, which catalysed the Victorian Government to consider regulation in 2010.

Phone +61 402 540 383

Activities and reports

Below is a list of the most recent events that support the regulation of an access standard in all new housing in the National Construction Code.

List of supporters

These organisations and individuals support the regulation of accessibility in housing in the National Construction Code. See our Position Statement.

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